BluesMundi 'Red Bill Blues'

BluesMundi sings about Nokia phones that don't go online, paying bills with Bitcoin, having a chip under your skin to get on a tube train and the joys of disconnecting from a network to talk face-to-face.

The debut single 'Red Bill Blues' is out now!

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The Rockerati 'Every Dog Has Its Day'

While most big bands are just trading on their own legacy these days, The Rockerati celebrate a history of rock'n'roll that can be shared by everyone.

New single 'Every Dog Has Its Day' takes Chuck Berry's 'Roll Over Beethoven' theme of trying to get REAL ROCK'n'ROLL played on the radio and brings it bang up to date!

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The Rockerati 'Waterloo Sunrise'

"Full-on, fearsome rock 'n' roll, the next great band fans of Rockpile and Creedence have been crying out for"

That's what veteran UK music journo Terry Staunton thinks of The Rockerati, the brand new signing to Corsair.

At the raucous rock'n'roll end of indie, mining a timeless musical seam and giving it a contemporary spin, The Rockerati have been picking up USA radio support nationwide on SiriusXM and from tastemaker stations such as NY's WFMU (Rolling Stone's "Best Radio Station in the Country") amongst many others.

"Something new and urgent and rocking and fun"
Paul Cavalconte WFUV

"Original, over-driven rockers totally hit the spot"
Vive Le Rock

The debut album 'Waterloo Sunrise' is available now globally.

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Music for Cars... Album or Playlist?

The death of the album is much talked about and the killer is said to be The Playlist. But isn't a playlist simply a new name for a compilation album?

We happily blur lines so Corsair Records is releasing a series of ten track 'Music For...' compilations which are available to stream as playlists or buy as albums.

The first is 'Music For Cars' featuring IDC, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Lord Warddd, Salford Sorcerers, 2K Subs and United Sounds of Europe.

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Pop Icons 'Crowded Day'

A romantic 'lonely in a crowd' lyrical theme over a superbly 80's style funky bassline, rock-solid drums and atmospheric guitars, this is a great Corsair debut for the wonderfully named Pop Icons

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Featured Releases

United Sounds of Europe 'Sexit'

'Sexit' is the debut album from United Sounds of Europe, the man Mixmag said makes "KLF-esque rave madness".

"Super upfront from pillar to post""
DJ Mag
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IDC 'The Sun Is Always Shining Above the Clouds'

The second album from IDC gets a 'de-loudness war' remaster which brings out its sonic complexity
"A brilliant work full of optimism"
DJ Mag 9/10
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Lo Fidelity Allstars 'Darkness Rolling'

The Lo Fidelity Allstars do what they do best - make timeless and trendless uncompromising dance music that sounds like right now!
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TaserBlast - 'Elektronotron'

"Something big bubbling under" - DJ Mag
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United Sounds of Europe 'Let's F***'

United Sounds of Europe have won three DJ Mag 'Moneyshot single of the month' accolades and been likened to Mr Oizo. Mixmag said they make "KLF-esque rave madness". With their latest release they managed to get a track with 'F***' in the title played on UK national radio!
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Various Artists 'Indiephonica'

This compilation set features Lo Fidelity Allstars, Justin Welch (Elastica/Lush), Davy Henderson (Fire Engines/Nectarine No9) and many Corsair regulars with a selection of swamp rock, northern soul, string laden pyschedelia, acoustic songs, classic 70's style rock, soul-tinged pop, glam style stomps, guitar heavy indie and much more...
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Zonga & Boombot 'Rope Banger Deer Scarer'

"A proper big beat berserker"
Carl Loben, DJ Mag editor
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