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Christmas is nearly here!

Our latest Christmas classics for all the family collection 'Various Corsair Artists - Music for Christmas' takes in techno, deep house, bouncy electro EDM, good old fashioned rock'n'roll, easy listening and a punky racket - and probably a few genres more!

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Christmas is coming....

A true new Christmas classic is a very rare thing and we think TJ's 'Coming Home' is a worthy contender. This homely and warming tale of travelling back home for festive celebrations paints an evocative picture that everyone can relate to.

'TJ' is Tony Faherty, something of a legend on the UK's Midlands music scene based aroud Corby, although remarkably this is his debut recorded release.

Happy Christmas!

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Fighting the Loudness Wars

The Loudness War is the term for the trend for ultra-compressed and limited masters that has dominated most releases for almost a decade, especially in dance music but also in re-issues and remasters of older catalogues across the spectrum.

Never scared to start a new approach, IDC's second album 'The Sun is Always Shining Above The Clouds' has had a 'de-loudness' remastered re-release. It is OUT NOW in the normal version and also in a deluxe edition with a second CD of extended and 12 inch mixes.

It is also catalogue number CR100 as we celebrate 100 releases!

Out now

Trash - 'Rise Up'

Trash rise up with Beatley, baggy, beautiful noise. The 'B' side remix version, made by the band themselves, will surely appeal to fans of Jagwar Ma and the early Oakenfold and Vince Clarke produced WFL Happy Monday tracks that inspired them.

Out now

The Ecstatic Cosmic Immortals

Another new year and another brand new artist makes their debut on Corsair. The Ecstatic Cosmic Immortals arrive with 'The Future Is Just A Beat Away' in three versions: a perfect-for-radio exactly three minute long 7 inch, a deeper, longer, even dancier 12" and a similarly groovey vocal-less version.

Out now

Brand new Lo Fidelity Allstars single

A few weeks ago Lo Fidelity Allstars could be heard on USA network TV soundtracking the series finale of Dennis Leary's 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll'.

Now they release a brand new single 'Darkness Rolling' which sees them do what they do best - making uncompromising dance music that is trendless and timeless and yet always manages to sound like now.

Out now

National radio ariplay for 'Let's F***'!

United Sounds of Europe have made a post-referendum anthem for everyone fed up with the whole debate. Their solution is simple - 'Let's F***'!

It's ok though, everyone can hear it because it comes in Beep, Blank and radio friendly versions, the latter already having been playing nationwide on Radio X.

Out now

New Corsair compilation 'Indiephonica'

Here at Corsair we are well known for cutting edge electronic and dance releases, so it might surprise some to find out that there's a far wider mix of styles and artists on the label too.

The 12 track 'Indiephonica' set features Lo Fidelity Allstars, Justin Welch (Elastica/Lush), Davy Henderson (Fire Engines/Nectarine No9), IDC, The Shining Stars, Salford Sorcerers, Audio Astronaut and Casino, meaning there's swamp rock, northern soul, string laden pyschedelia, acoustic songs, classic 70's style rock, soul-tinged pop, glam style stomps, guitar heavy indie and much more...

Out now

Salford Sorcerers back with 'Regal Sounds'

Their debut single 'Magicman' was named 'Beat Of The Week' on 6Music and now Salford Sorcerers are back with their second release 'Regal Sounds'. It has already picked up airplay on Radio X and on 6Music from Nemone, who said: "I loved what Salford Sorcerers served up on their last release 'Magicman' and this one is a corker as well"

Out now

Zonga & Boombot debut single

South London duo Zonga & Boombot drop their debut single 'Rope Banger Deer Scarer' here on Corsair... Carl Loben, DJ Mag editor reckons it's "a proper big beat berserker" and Neil Kulkarni, writer for DJ Mag and The Guardian says he's "diggin it like a brand new Meat Beat Manifesto"...

Out Now

2016 round-up

2016 was been another great year for us. We brought new you new music from Lo Fidelity Allstars, IDC, Salford Sorcerers and United Sounds of Europe, introduced new artists TaserBlast, Zonga & Boombot and Jack Soltrayne and collected some great odds & ends on the Indiephonica and Dancephonica Vol.4 collections.

The Shining Stars 'Chill'

The Shining Stars have got quite a bit of online activity under their belts with nearly 50,000 plays on Soundcloud.

Now the glorious, anthemic, ambitious orchestral indie of 'Chill' showcases the effortless way The Shining Stars deal with styles that some might call retro and others would consider to be simply classic.

Out Now

Salford Sorcerers Interview

Brighton's esteemed Argus newspaper ran an hilarious interview with Salford Sorcerers where they discuss how we won a bidding war and where they got their name from...

read it here

Lo Fidelity Allstars 'Fire Reigns'

'Fire Reigns' is the clarion call for a new burst of activity for Lo Fidelity Allstars over the coming months and into 2016.

The new single, backed with another brand new track 'Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Beautiful', is the first of a new series of upcoming releases and also coincides with the band's return to the live stage after a break of six years.

"One of dance music's Galacticos"

Out Now

Corsair Records Presents Dancephonica Vol 3

The third volume in our Dancephonica collection of rare, hard to find and simply really cool tracks is out now.

From the big room supreme festival banger of 'The Ancient States of Europe' thorugh to the sublime dreampopdance of 'I Know I'm A King (Lord Warddd remix)', by way of the highest quality of modern House in 'Get Into That' and 'Severe Wounding By Chocolate', there really is something for every discerning dance music fan here.

Out Now

Salford Sorcerers sign to Corsair

After a short but hectic bidding war Salford Sorcerers have signed with us for an immediate single release and album next year.

The single 'Magicman' was named BBC 6Music 'Beat of The Week' last month and will be out on Corsair in October.

Out Now

New single from IDC

IDC's new single 'Assemble The Musi8ians' features mighty Hammond organ riffs over massive grooves and it's backed with a stadium-level live version of 'Boss Klass' from his debut album.

Out Now

Lo Fi Allstars return!
Legendary outfit play first live show for years

The Lo Fidelity Allstars make their live comeback later this year so here's one of the standout tracks from their Corsair album 'Northern Stomp' as a teaser of what to expect...

Out Now

Audio Astronaut debut EP

The four track 'Vostok EP' is the debut release from singer/songwriter Audio Astronaut. An upload of a radio session version of track 2, 'The Lights Go On in Town', received over 30,000 plays soon after being uploaded to Soundcloud.

Out Now

More 'Corsair Covers'
The Shining Stars do Badfinger

'Day After Day' was one of the great singles of the 70's from Apple band Badfinger and now The Shining Stars release their own take on the Welsh Wizards' classic.

Unsurprisingly it's already picking up lots of love from the powerpop online community!
Out Now

Spatial Awareness
'Caramel Sound' & 'Severe Wounding By Chocolate'

The UK DJ/producer specialises in sophisticated House marinated in decades of disco history and we're proud to have him for this brand new double sider

Support for SA ranges from Fatboy Slim ("great stuff, simple and effective") and Tensnake ( "great!") through to BBC Radio 1 airplay from SKREAM ("absolute banger!")
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IDC 'What's Going On Here?' First track from 3rd album

IDC is back with a brand new single, 'What's Going On Here?', a three minute pocket opus that defies categorisation with a piano hook recalling David Holmes' seminal '69 Police' and a madly catchy psychedelic warped cello.

This is the first new track from IDC's upcoming as yet untitled third album due for release later in 2015.
Out Now

'Corsair Records 20 Out Of 10'

To celebrate 10 years of Corsair releases we've put together 20 of the best tracks from our first decade and have released them as a two-CD 20 track compilation album, 'Corsair Records 20 Out Of 10'. Not only that, it's available at a special cut-down sampler album price too!
Out Now

2K Subs - 'Away To Dream'

Whiteman and Quirk continue their run of top quality tunes on Corsair as 2K Subs with 'Away To Dream' backed by 'Get Into That'.

Martin and Max's modern take on a classic House vision has been called "effortlessly intellegent, masterfully created electrotechhouse journeys into sound" by dance music bible DJ Mag.
Out Now

IDC 'Scratch' Re-issue

To celebrate a decade of IDC action and the tenth birthday of Corsair Records, the original four tracks from our debut release were re-issued last year along with IDC's own brand new updated "10YL version" of the lead track.

Out Now

United Sounds of Europe 'Superconscious'

The fourth single from United Sounds of Europe keeps up the pressure and the innovation - it's the first piece of palindromic dance music ever, a track that is designed to be played both forwards and backwards!

"A maverick masterstroke showing that dancefloor killers don't have to conform to any rules."
DJ Mag 'Moneyshot'
Out Now

IDC 'Everybody (DPPLGNGRS remix)'

Featured in the smash hit dance film 'Make Your Move' based around the contemporary New York club scene.

"The Eclectro dream team of IDC and DPPLGNGRS compact all the best elements of 2014 cutting edge eclectro/electro-tech dance music into an exhilarating three and a half minutes."
DJ Mag 9/10
Out Now

2K Subs 'Disco Damnation'

The third single from Martin Whiteman and Max Quirk bagged 'DJ Mag Moneyshot of the month' ahead of its release.

"The sublime discoey electro tech house hybrid they create really does nudge ahead of the very best in the field"
DJ Mag 9/10
Out Now

The Shining Stars 'The Stars Fall From The Sky'

A proper guitar band with '7 inch 1970s' as a tagline which pretty much sums up their sound. The lead track of this debut single is a poppy rock'n'roll ballad in a classic style full of hooks, riffs, harmonies and comes complete with a killer guitar solo.

Out Now

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