Corsair Records Release Catalogue

Singles and EPs

  • CR099 United Sounds of Europe 'M.O.N.O.'
  • CR098 IDC 'Eins Deux Tres'
  • CR097 Trash 'Rise Up'
  • CR096 The Ecstatic Cosmic Immortals
    'The Future Is Just A Beat Away'
  • CR094 Jack Soltrayne 'Midnight Trayne'
  • CR093 Lo Fidelity Allstars 'Darkness Rolling'
  • CR092 Lo Fidelity Allstars
    'Come Alive (remixed by DPPLGNGRS)'
  • CR091 United Sounds of Europe 'Let's Fuck'
  • CR090 TaserBlast 'Elektronotron'
  • CR088 Salford Sorcerers 'Regal Sounds'
  • CR087 Zonga & Boombot 'Rope Banger Deer Scarer'
  • CR086 2K Subs 'Away To Dream - Remixes'
  • CR085 IDC 'Sugar Coated Bullet'
  • CR080 The Shining Stars 'Chill'
  • CR079 Lo Fidelity Allstars 'Fire Reigns'
  • CR077 Salford Sorcerers 'Magicman'
  • CR076 IDC 'Assemble The Musi8ians'
  • CR075 Audio Astronaut 'Vostok EP'
  • CR074 The Shining Stars 'Day After Day'
  • CR073 Spatial Awareness 'Caramel Sound'
  • CR072 IDC 'What's Going On Here?'
  • CR066 The Shining Stars 'Glorious Mess'
  • CR064 2K Subs 'Away to Dream'
  • CR063 IDC 'Scratch' EP
  • CR062 The Shining Stars'I'm Outta Time'
    UK / Europe only
  • CR061 United Sounds Of Europe 'Superconscious'
  • CR060 IDC 'Everybody (Remixed by DPPLGNGRS)'
  • CR059 2K Subs 'Disco Damnation'
  • CR058 The Shining Stars 'The Stars Fall From The Sky'
  • CR057 IDC 'The Man With The Last Laugh'


CR101 United Sounds of Europe

"Super upfront from pillar to post""
Dj Mag

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'The Sun Is Always Shining Above The Clouds'

"A brilliant work full of optimism"
Dj Mag 9/10

"IDC is back with a rich and diverse album"

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CR095 Corsair Records Presents
'Dancephonica Vol. 4'

The latest in the popular ongoing series brings together a collection of non album tracks, hard to find gems and previous vinyl-only releases from Corsair and includes Lo Fidelity Allstars, IDC, Salford Sorcerers, Spatial Awareness, United Sounds of Europe, Lord Warddd and Taserblast.

"one of the UK's most consistent labels, Corsair Records"
Nemone 6Music

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CR089 Various Artists

Indiephonica features Lo Fidelity Allstars, Justin Welch (Elastica/Lush), Davy Henderson (Fire Engines/Nectarine No9), IDC, The Shining Stars, Salford Sorcerers, Audio Astronaut and Casino.

Here at Corsair we are well known for cutting edge electronic and dance releases, so it might surprise some to find out that there's a far wider mix of styles and artists on the label too, including swamp rock, northern soul, string laden pyschedelia, acoustic songs, classic 70's style rock, soul-tinged pop, glam style stomps, guitar heavy indie and much more...

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CR023 Lo Fidelity Allstars
'Northern Stomp'

"This is a fully-blown band album dripping with (northern) soul. The Lo-Fis are back and they deserve adoration all over again" - DJ Mag

"A dance-tinged hybrid that becomes more fascinating with each listen" - Q

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'Overthrow The Boss Class'

IDC's debut album consolidated a successful string of 5 star dance press reviewed singles and received a 5 star 'Recommended Album of the Month' review in iDJ and 4 stars in DJ Mag, with NME calling it "dancefloor rock'n'roll"

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Lord Warddd
'Saturday Night Is Ours'

Lo Fidelity Allstars man Phil Ward takes on his trans-Atlantic guise as Lord Warddd and comes up with a unique mix of influences and sounds.

"A messed-up kind of ghetto funk in a similar vein to, say, Major Lazer. If Annie Mac's not on it yet I hope she's reading this" Mixmag

"If you're really looking for a taste of how the US and UK can combine to produce something fresh and interesting, you need look no further than Lord Warddd" iDJ

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CR078 Corsair Records Presents
Dancephonica Vol 3

The third volume in our Dancephonica series of non-album tracks, exclusive remixes and previous vinyl-only releases features Lo Fidelity Allstars, IDC, Casino, 2K Subs, Lord Warddd, Spatial Awareness and United Sounds of Europe.

CR054 Corsair Records Presents
Dancephonica Vol 2

The second Dancephonica once again collects hard to find Corsair releases that deserve another hearing. Lo Fidelity Allstars, IDC, Lord Warddd, United Sounds of Europe, 2K Subs, Jenkinsound, Chairman Miaaoow and The Nameless One all feature.

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CR029 Corsair Records Presents
Dancephonica Vol 1

The first Dancephonica collection.

"Eclectic can often be a byword for lack of direction, but not for Corsair Records. Each track is high on impact without sounding like something you've heard 149 times before" - DJ Mag

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CR065 Various Artists
'Corsair Records 20 Out Of 10'

To celebrate 10 years of Corsair releases we put together 20 of the best tracks from our first decade and have released them as a two-CD 20 track compilation album, 'Corsair Records 20 Out Of 10'. Available at a special cut-down sampler album price too!

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